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Aug. 10th, 2011

Fun things to do with a group

There are a trillion fun things to do as a group and there is no way I can share even a portion of the best with you. But, there is a way that we can all learn. It is called receiving and contributing. This is a type of business model you can see on this things to do with a group website.

Each member contributes their ideas because it's fun but they also have access to a trillion other ideas because others are willing to do the same. This is a powerful business model on the web and it is definitely a win win situation. Another great example of this is ultimate-guitar.com

Aug. 5th, 2011

Is capitalism in American ethical?

Is capitalism in America ethical? The answer to this question is both yes and no. Capitalism is an economic system where means of production are privately owned and operated for profit, usually in a competitive market. This leaves the values of each privately owned business up to the business operators. In other words, the ethicality of capitalism in America depends on us.  If you are involved in business this may leave you wondering which values are white and which values are black in the American game of business? In the following paragraphs I am going to give you three points that can help rate a business, whether it be yours or someone else's, to see just how ethical it is.

                The first place that you can rate a business’s ethics is at its heart, the employees. If you look back upon America’s history to the days of slavery and racism, you can start to see just how important this is to consider. Slavery in America created a system of discrimination where those of an African American heritage were discriminated against and put into what I call the “working against my will trap”. When analyzing a business’s employee ethics you must ask yourself two questions. One, are each of my employees being treated as equal human beings or is there a slight trace of discrimination. Two, are any of my employees working in the “against my will trap”? This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be enjoying their job as much as that they have to want to be doing it. If you received a negative impression on either of these two questions, now would be a good time to ask yourself if profitability is worth ruining the lives of other human beings.

                The next question you can ask yourself to rate you business’s ethics is, “am I contributing to society?”   If you are doing business which is overall detrimental to the health and lifestyle of others, you may want to consider who you really care about and where that will leave you when you die. Is it worth it? A great example of a type of business which is detrimental to society is the tobacco and harmful drug industry. While profitability is often and should be one of the leading values of a business, to prevent further problems in American capitalism and lives we must stay away from the black area of driving to it. Unfortunately, it is usually not that simple. There is a large grey area in American business like McDonalds for example. McDonalds is a great business which provides tons of jobs and cheap food to Americans. Unfortunately, the food is not very healthy. The real question is whether overall it is a good thing for society. This is the same question you must ask about the business you are analyzing. I will leave the answer to that question up to you.  

                The final point for you to consider is just how in check you have your office politics. Are you practicing nepotism, the ignorant leader syndrome or favoritism? It can be very harmful for your employee’s morale, actions and health to be working under a system that takes no consideration of how well they are doing. If you have an office where the people who have been working the longest and hardest or people who know the most are working under the less qualified it may be time for a switcheroo. This would not only help your business’s efficiency but would also help your workers morale and ethics. Incompetency and competency must always show their head in an ethical and optimal business. If they are not doing so, the business operator must ask himself whether or not it is worth having the blind lead the less blind.

                America is a great country of agency where we as a people have been bestowed with the honor to decide its growth or decay. Capitalism in America has and will be just as ethical as we the people decide to make it. I encourage those who are reading this blog to be proactive in voting for those of good ethics because, we get to choose and become our leaders. I encourage those who are willing to take a chance to do so and create new businesses. Finally, I encourage business workers and leaders to be proactive in strengthening their business ethics.

The great thing about this country is that in the long run it will not be the country that makes the people. It will be the people that make the country. I encourage everyone who reads this article to leave a comment, contribute to blogs, and be a little more proactive because it only takes a single person to start that change. May god bless us as we each make a decision today to choose better ethics for our business’s, people, and country.

Jul. 13th, 2011

Garrett Gunderson Lawsuit Advice

There are three steps that ultimately explain the financial platform you need to look at to avoid lawsuits and succeed in business. These things can best be explained by the financial adviser and expert on the matter Garrett Gunderson. That is where I learned them and here they are.

1, Transfer risk
2, Get Insurance coverage
3, Get liability coverage

These are the Garrett gunderson lawsuit concepts from the man on youtube. Hope you take a chance to look into them and research them to find out how these together relate and can help you overcome business problems and lawsuite issues. Just helping my follower know that it is important to keep them in mind.

Jun. 14th, 2011

Template for Business Plan

 Your road to success will never be in a straight line, a way to help you is to have a template for a business plan.  This template for a business plan you will have will take you sideways, backwards, forwards, and diagonal till you get to where you want to go. You will fail and succeed but with a template you will be able to succeed more than you fail. Without one prepare you self for a long hard road of pain and hard ship. If you get a template for your business plan it will also be a whole lot easier to carry out your business. I strongly encourage you to get a template for your business plan.

Mar. 31st, 2011

The number one bird on the net - Red robin coupons

There is a new bird flying across the internet as of late! Yes, the Red Robin. We have discovered that they are going all out on promotions and marketing which does mean that they have some great Red Robin coupons! Not only are their hamburgers great but so are their deals as of late, such as their 5 dollar burger deal!

This restaurant specializes in burgers and if you ever plan on going here, it has often been suggested to get a barbecue burger and one of their onion ring specials! But, other than burgers, they have a great bar and steak selection. You can find all sorts of recent red robin restaurant coupons as of late for all of the above but especially for some of the new things they are trying to promote. You can check out some of their cool menu items at the red robin homepage if you are interested in that!

If you are looking for the great red bird burger, we are proud to have made a great discovery on them recently. They are coming along quite well.

Mar. 11th, 2011

Ihop coupons, hop to your coupons - three things

Ihop has three fundamental principles that make them succeed and three that hurt them. Here we will cover their advantages, problems and solutions! As for price here, if you get some Ihop coupons, you should be fine!

1) Their customer service: Ihop is known to hire some of the best international employees.
2) They have big pancakes and good pancakes: If you want to get some amazing pancakes go to the Ihop page because Ihop really is the International House of Pancakes.
3) Free pancake day: Once a year, they have a day where they give free pancakes to every. Yes, a real free meal. It's amazing!

1) The other things are often not as good as the breakfast: Well, I believe it to be true but, it is never too late for breakfast.
2) It is not the most healthy choice: You can get a salad
3) Stickiness: Napkins are good!

Here is you review, you can get also Ihop coupons online if you are into saving on your next ihop meal and have a great bite. Enjoy!!!

Red Lobster Coupons, how to have some coupons for that lobster

There are three reasons why Red Lobster is one of my favorites restaurants in the world and there are three reasons why it is one of the hardest to eat at frequently.

1, Red Lobster serves delicacies that are very unique to itself. (Most places in the world Lobster is not an easy thing to find)
2, Red Lobster has one of the best selections of drinks ever. (They are pricey but man are they good)
3, Red Lobster is a good sit down for almost any occasion. (Whether family or business trip you don't go wrong here)

1, They are extremely expensive (The solution to that is just use some Red Lobster coupons at the restaurant.
2, Seafood is hard to eat often (The solution to this is to just get something else on their menu. They have great steak)
3, The food takes a while to make (The solution to this is when you go plan on a conversation and enjoy the wait.)

The delicacy is one of the finest for conversation, meal and plan. Enjoy your next meal with a nice meal discounted with Red Lobster coupons.

Jan. 7th, 2011

Google and Coupons Arbys

There was a recent study done that Google search terms such as "Coupons Arbys" actually yield better coupons than the original search terms such as Arbys coupons. After this rare phenomenon in traffic related to coupons, Arbys has began to show their results on the coupons arbys term. all of this just goes to show that you can never guess what your audience is going to market to or going to search.

Coupons arbys

Restaurants are leaning more and more to online coupons but if you are in search of online or printable coupons you can google search and see what you come up with. We have been doing this a ton to figure out the best deals for you and have discovered the leading source of these phenomenons promoting coupons with terms such as coupons arbys

Nov. 12th, 2010

Outback Coupons

Here is the newest page of info that came out just recently on the best outback coupons deals!

Restaurant critique:
The outback steakhouse is an amazing meal with a somewhat casual Australian setting! If you are looking to have an amazing meal with a very unique type of food try this place. One example of their greatness is their amazing bloomin' onion special! This special consists of onions encrusted in a unique onion ring style cut in half and formed into an onion. While this is a huge innovation with an onion, there is more! After you see this great phenomenon, you will start tasting it and find the most savory onion ring onion shape. For the full effect, try using their sauce, this has a spicy zing and can be substituted for a nice fry sauce if you would prefer such!

Coupon critique:
One definite downside of the outback steak house is it's high cost. While it is a casual restaurant, it is also an experience, this mean that it is also very costly. The best coupons for outback are the typical you can find through some of the tradition outback coupons offers. Good luck on your restaurant picks and savings!

Aug. 25th, 2010

Saving on your day with Chili's restaurant Coupons

Continuing my journal on the saving portion, here is some interesting information about saving at restaurants and particularly Chili's. While many come to Chili's just for a small portion but pay for the amount of a large portion, it is key to know what will get your more out of your moneys worth and what you can bring back in a box. For that part of this issue, I would like some input from sizzler lovers. I am still working on the logistics of what to order at Chili's but, I have found a few coupons that can help you save of the get go.

My first advice is to simply print of some chili restaurant coupons! This is sooo easy to do and costs you nothing, so if you are in a mood to save a few pennies and use them on something else useful like a ice cream cone instead, why not print off some coupons. Also you can get some magazines and rip out deals, there are plenty of those for sizzler. Finally is the communication discount, if you get to know their schedule and ask your local Chilis for when you can save, they will be quick at directing you to their special offers.

Good luck savers and may your money stay with you!!!

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